The Firmament Narrative

A conspiracy of fact and fiction

"These days I find myself avoiding fiction. I no longer go to the theater. When I wander my home in the middle of the night I avoid the library. I walk between the halls and the kitchen, as far away from the books as I can. Those few moments I do sleep I see the world becoming poisoned by my abstractions, twisted up in whorls as I desperately try to control my own narration. I wake barely rested, tasting blood and ink." 

Follow along as our tireless Administrator investigates a secret society whose members believe truth and fiction are interchangeable. A series of 4 letters told over the course of 4 months.

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Heart-Shaped Glasses

"Long term monogamy: Sable wood shaft with gold arrowhead. 

Alternative: copper jacketed 9mm rounds tipped with crystal.

V-shaped polycule: Shotgun loaded with alternating rose infused flechettes and solid slugs of cold forged iron.

Long standing platonic friendship: Iron arrowhead fired from a bow carved from yew and strung with doe intestine. 

Alternative: 7.62mm round infused with cloves and vanilla.

Relationship anarchist: Belt-fed heavy machine gun with alternating licorice, chamomile, and tobacco coated rounds. Fire only during the waxing moon while repeating literature from the approved list of prayers. Target the heart and head primarily but not exclusively. 

Alternative: Smoke bomb filled with shredded erotica."

Discover the hidden world of modern cupids in this series of 3 letters sent over the course of 3 months.

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The Odd Bureau

"My muggers and I took a break in our transaction to watch as a woman, gradually and with much effort, squirmed from the back of the car and stood outside. She was taller than myself, over six feet, with wild and curly light brown hair pressed unevenly on one side of her head from sleep. She wore a white button up shirt, a grey vest, and matching grey trousers. Quite smart, I thought, for someone obviously living quite rough. She stretched, yawned, and made every effort to ignore the crime happening adjacent to her."

Follow the fortuitous meeting between a travel writer and an amateur private detective as they unravel a bizarre mystery in the heart of Vancouver BC. A 6 letter series sent over the course of 6 months.

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