Project Open Sky

"An immediate policy change is in effect. Bayly Engineering Limited will now be named AEG Bayly Inc. to reflect the new direction of AEG Aktiengesellschaft and to bring Bayly Engineering Limited under the umbrella of all AEG services.

AEG Bayly Inc. will begin a complete cataloguing of records for review by AEG Aktiengesellschaft staff.  Special attention given to any work belonging to Benjamin deForest “Pat” Bayly. Any records of work or correspondence involving Mr. Bayly must be catalogued for immediate review by AEG Aktiengesellschaft personnel."

Artifacts from World War II, the mid 1980's, and the present day tale a story of something mysterious lurking in humanity's early communication networks. A series of 4 mailings sent over 4 months.

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The Doctor Divine

"But the Winslow fragments are different. The grids and symbols point to a code, still unbroken, that is not meant to tantalize or to obfuscate information. It is my belief that Octavia Winslow, infamous occultist, prophet, and confidant of the 16th century English court, created a code that she believed would allow her to live forever." 

Artifacts from the 16th and early 17th century provide insight into the work of infamous occultist Octavia Winslow, who devised a series of riddles that she believed would allow her to live forever. A series of 3 mailings sent over the course of 3 months.

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The Chalice & The Spear

"When she finally left she gave me a note, said something in Russian, and went back up to her room. I swear I almost passed out, I thought she was inviting me up to join her! But the note is written in Cyrillic so I have no idea what she was getting at. God, can you imagine? That's all I need, a full course load, an awful job, and a lesbian love affair with a Russian gymnast."

Artifacts from the Soviet Union, Europe, and ancient Rome tell the story of Elizabeth Young as she delves into a conspiracy involving secret societies, the KGB, and the final, unusual resting place of the holy grail. A series of 6 mailings told over 6 months.

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