About Us

Our Story

 The Forgotten Folio Society was established over 30 years ago by like-minded people interested in finding and archiving long lost stories and artifacts. For most of our history we have traded these stories and trinkets among ourselves, unsure if the world at large would value them, or perhaps even believe in them, as much as we do. But soon after the inclusion of our tireless Administrator into our Society, we decided to open our archives to the world, and share the secrets that we have been hoarding for far too long.

Now the F.F. Society is a subscription service that delivers fantastical stories to your door every month. Some are about experiments in the arts and sciences that many deem "occult", others are about historical items you may have thought were myths, and others are about hidden places known to only a few our founding members. It is our sincerest hope that each story we tell will help piece together a larger narrative world, a place where the frontier is right around the corner, a kind of alternate reality that we will be able to share with our members.

Our letters and artifacts are all handcrafted and prepared. Every artifact is appropriately handled to reproduce the feeling of discovering them for the first time after decades or even centuries hidden away. Our letters are handwritten using fountain pens on high quality parchment paper, and sealed with wax. We share stories that are not only engrossing, but look and feel like a piece of art you could proudly display or send as a gift. 

The F.F. Society on Patreon

The F.F. Society joined Patreon because we want to create stories that matter to us, and be accountable only to the people that share in our interests. Patreon allows us to set up a simple subscription model so that our patrons can support us in sharing our alternative narratives, and can receive something tangible in return. Your patronage covers the cost of materials, time spent writing and researching stories, postage, and any other flourishes the F.F. Society deems necessary to make our stories faithful to their source material.

The F.F. Society on Etsy

Etsy allows us to sell stories directly from our archives. We recommend purchasing our stories through Etsy when you wish to send gift subscriptions or prefer to buy our tales with a single payment rather than our  subscription model.